Submit Book for Consideration

We are always looking for more book options to provide to students. If you think your book would be a good read for teenagers then please follow these steps in order.

1. Fill out this “Book Submission Form”.
2. Mail the form and your book to

Unimatrix Foundation
P.O. Box 4294
Manchester, NH 03108

3. Send us a message through the Contact Us page and notify us of an incoming package. Make sure you put “Incoming Book Package” in the Subject line. For verification, we will give you a call and let you know we got your message and will be on the look out for it.


Your book must provide some piece of “wisdom” that would deem to be beneficial for people to read, especially the teenagers. The book must not encourage discrimination, hatred, violence, hypocrisy, or falsehood. The book may not promote anything political or religious.

Your book will be read, discussed and voted by a team of people within our organization. Whether or not your book get accepted, we will notify you. We are not obligated to, but we may provide you the reasons why.

We take 50% of book profit (after subtracting the cost of producing the book + shipping cost). You make less profit per book, but since we’re distributing your books up to 3 MILLIONS+ students annually, over all your total profit would be much greater.

We do calculations based on per unit of book, not a bulk of book.

If your book get accepted:

  1. We will notify you either by phone, email, or both.
  2. You send us the online link to your book through the Contact Us page. Make sure to put “Book Link” in the Subject line.
  3. We will put your book on our list of books available to students.
  4. Your book will be displayed on our website.
  5. Your book picture on our website will link back to the webpage you provide us.
  6. (Optional) You may send us your pictures and videos promoting your book and we will post it on our website.
  7. If your book get requested by schools and got sponsors to pay for them, we will notify you, work with you through the whole process, and send you check(s) once the money and books have all been processed and sent.

If your book doesn’t get accepted:

  1. We will notify you either by phone, email, or both.
  2. If we do tell you the reason why, you may file an appeal with us and convince us otherwise and we will review your case.
    2a)   If you get rejected the second time, we advise you not to get discouraged. Your book might be GREAT, but we might have found another one that is GREAT among the GREATS. We still would like to see new submission on your future work.