Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase life’s quality for everyone.

Our Mission (How we make our vision come true)

To reach our vision, we make it our mission to provide books of wisdom to high school students and Residential Institutions for teenagers.

With wisdom, comes better life decision making, which in turn yields better quality of life.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability – As individuals and organization as a whole, we acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, products, decisions, and policies.
  • Commitment – We commit to our service to the community and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.
  • Community – We contribute to society and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. We also provide college scholarships to students.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – We recognize and treasure the diversity of our people and the people we serve. We do not make any type of discrimination. We treat everyone as equal and with respect.
  • Empowerment – We strongly encourage our members to do as much good for society as possible.
  • Integrity – We value honor and act with honesty.